Milena ZeVu

Born in a house in which, coincidentally, one of the greatest Serbian female artists of the past century lived and worked. Guess I was blessed with the creative energy of this place.
Daughter of a very unique, amusing and philosophical artist father. Mother beautiful, realistic, my support. Sister different then me, but very close.
At the age of 13, decided to be an artist.
Surrounded by artists, writers, and bohemians from my early childhood.
Privileged with a first-hand experience about how they think, talk and behave.
This influence can be traced in my work.
Later in life, it helped me understand many different personalities I met.
Graduated at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade.
Searched for my own expression in art.
In a 2001 meditation, received a clear vision that, with crystals, I might be able to explore our reality.
All things on our Planet have vibrations. Crystals seemed as the right tool to explain this.
Fanatical about energy of people, places and their vibrations.
A self-discipline freak. Deep thinker. Analyzer. Mainly of myself.
Met my husband. Same vibration. Combination of a cruel criticism and a great support. I like that.
My Mantra: It’s important to make a difference.
Worked with well-known people. Because they made a difference.
Mother of two girls. My two mirrors. They are wiping off any possibility of me becoming a self-centered artist.
My studio. An eclectic space. Parties. My oasis of peace and eternal inspiration. The place where I discovered my father’s painting on a wall, while visiting its previous owners. A synergy of energies.
Created ArtWalks. Accumulation of all topics I have been interested in so far.
Attempted to capture a movement inside a painting. Vibration within an artwork.
Confident. Know what to do next.
And life goes on…

My Team

Filip Jankovic | Milena ZeVu Art assistant

Filip Janković
Art assistant

Nenad Srdić | Milena ZeVu Marketing manager

Nenad Srdić
Marketing manager

Bane Urošević | Milena ZeVu Technique manager

Bane Urošević
Technique manager