My work consists of 2 major phases.

Phase 1 - CRYSTAL WORKS (2001-2015)
In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being. (Nikola Tesla)*
I was interested in developing an artform that has vibrations and is alive. A crystal for me is a tool to explain how energy and vibrations impact people, places, events and eventually - art. I was intensively discovering my inner self during those years, through meditation and self-reflection. I named this series ‘Codex’ because we all have our personal code, which incorporates our inheritance, our genes and our own experiences into one. It’s up to us to understand ourselves as well as to take a step towards understanding our environment. In this phase of my work, which lasted 14 years, I was using crystals to show that life is about enlightenment. A crystal reminds me that we should be open, positive and better each day. As a symbol of purity, energy and light, it vibrates and makes a connection between the artwork and the viewer on a more profound level.

Phase 2 - ARTWALKS (2015- today)
Since 2015, I wanted to create an artform which was more in sync with myself, to go even deeper, searching the ‘thin line’, which distances the artist from her work, works which are more dynamic, alive and more connected with my inner being.
Also, I was interested in the power of words and finality of our decisions. I am aware that our life is determined by a set of key decisions we took in the past. Our decisions today will create our life in the future. My work is a constant search for a balance between myself as an artist, a woman, a mother and a spiritual being. It’s a physical and spiritual approach at the same time.
In 2005 I did an artwork examining the question: ‘Can you step into art to understand it better?’
In 2015 I came back to this topic and ask myself a further question: ‘Can Art Walk?’ I wanted to become inseparable from the artwork, to take it outside where there are no space limits. The city becomes a gallery. ArtWalks breathes the impulses of different cities and blends in their architecture.
Since I have always been interested in how we perceive art today and in the past, I am now working on tangible measurement of a viewer’s perception towards an artwork. Once this is possible, it will be clearer to us what the role of art is in our lives and for generations to come.

* 'The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sun’s Energy', Century Illustrated Magazine (Jun 1900), 60, No. 2, 180.