Milena ZeVu is an internationally acclaimed artist from Belgrade. She collaborated with various celebrities on different art projects. She exhibited in London, Vienna, Kassel, Monaco, Budapest, Madrid, New York, Tokio, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

Milena is known for various combinations of techniques and media such as paintings-rugs (phase Tapittura), acrylic-crystals (phases Codex and Icons), sculptures-crystals (phase Magnificent Nature) and paintings-performance (ArtWalks).

ArtWalks is about the process of Change. Not of superficial transformation of shapes and colours but of a complete alchemical transmutation which leads to a fundamental change. Self-awareness is the first step needed in this process, achieved through mediation, introspection and self-criticism.

With creative thinking and access to higher knowledge, we step out of existing frames and enter again into the space of creation. We are then, yet again, at a new beginning. On a new journey towards higher realms of being.